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Secrets Men Never Tell Women...

By Ryan Clay

Just like women, men also have many secrets they will never tell a woman. Many men keep secrets in the fear that what they think and do will not be acceptable with the woman they are with. So they keep the biggest secrets to themselves and prefer that you never knew.

What men are not telling you...

Men typically will not share with you their fears, the details of their past, he is cheating, what he does with all his money, or the fact that he doesn't even like you. Most women know these things, however they fail to pick up on the obvious secrets that are right in front of them.

Men calculate and plan their secrets way ahead of time and unless you are a detective, they may get away with it for years without you knowing. At heart men want to threat the one they love with the utmost respect, but often can't fight the desire to do things they shouldn't do in a perfectly good relationship.

The more you learn not only about the kinds of secrets men keep, but the tactics they use to keep secrets, you will start to pick up when your man is not telling you the truth.

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